dmk (dmk) wrote in rtsfs_announce,

November 11 @ 7:30 PM: Samuel Delany and the Fiction Contest Winners

(as seen on the NCSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences calendar)

Location: Caldwell Lounge, NCSU campus

Come find out who won NC State's 2009 Fiction Contests. Winners of the statewide contests for short fiction and short-short fiction were chosen by this year's judge, science fiction legend Samuel Delany, professor of English and Creative Writing at Temple University, and one of the most distinguished American writers and critics of the last 50 years. Delany will help announce the contest winners and will give a reading from his own work.

To find Caldwell Hall on the NC State Campus Map, click on the "North" region of the map (labeled region 4). Caldwell Hall is Building 25.
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